Feel Alive Again With Our Headache Treatment

No one likes having a headache, especially first thing in the morning when you’re trying to get yourself and your family ready for the day. We wish we could tell you that you’ll never wake up with another morning headache, but that’s not in our power.

We offer the next best thing, though. We will help eliminate your headaches using a custom oral appliance. The concept is simple:

  • We’ll take digital impressions of your teeth and send them to our lab partner.
  • When your custom-made night guard comes in, you’ll return to the office to ensure it fits perfectly.
  • You’ll wear it while sleeping, and it will keep you from grinding your teeth.
  • You will experience fewer and less intense headaches. You’ll also prevent damage to your tooth enamel from grinding.

In addition to an oral appliance, you may also benefit from Botox injections. Dr. Zia will discuss this option during your initial consultation.

Call 703-596-1529 to find out more about migraine and headache solutions from Smiles & Dental Care. You can also make an appointment online. Be sure to schedule your next routine dental cleaning and exam too!