Invest in Your Smile & Feel Assured in Your Appearance

Just as a hair or nail salon has many options to completely revamp your look, Smiles & Dental Care offers you many ways to spruce up your smile. Whether your teeth are just slightly flawed or you need a much broader scope of work, Dr. Zia and our team can take care of you. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your options and help you decide on a course of action. We can even show you a wax model or digital image of your new smile before you begin treatment.

Some cosmetic treatments can be completed in just one appointment:

  • Tooth bonding is a quick treatment that uses composite resin to repair small chips, stains, gapped teeth, and worn teeth.
  • Tooth contouring is a quick and easy treatment that removes a small amount of tooth enamel to even out your smile line.
  • Gum reshaping is another treatment that usually just takes one appointment. Dr. Zia will gently shape your gums using a laser so you don’t experience any pain or discomfort.
  • You can also whiten your teeth by several shades with just one session in our dental chair.

Of course, some cosmetic treatments take longer. To get professional veneers usually takes two appointments, as impressions have to be taken, then your veneers have to be made. While Invisalign orthodontics is quicker than traditional braces, it still takes about 12 months for most patients to complete their treatment.

No matter what treatment you need for your McLean smile makeover, you’ll find it at Smiles & Dental Care. Call us today 703-596-1529 for a consultation. You can also make an appointment online.